Fall 2019, Penn State Department of Geosciences

Read and be prepared to lead a discussion on the papers listed below each date:

Aug. 28
Slide Deck

Sep. 4
The Colloquium paper
Responding to Possible Plagiarism
Benka: Who is listening? What do they hear?
Slide Deck: Proposal Writing, Fisher

Sep. 11
We will discuss Benka & Long et al., the two papers that we did not have time to talk about on Sep. 4th, and also this paper: Origin of the Great Unconformity
Begin to Read Chapters 2, 3 & 4 of The Art of Being a Scientist

Sep. 18
The Colloquium paper
Prof. Brad Foley: The origin of plate tectonics on Earth and its role in sustaining a habitable surface environment Reading: Rocky Planet Evolution

Sep. 25
Prof. Tanya Furman: Teaching and other forms of scientific communication
Furman's slide deck
You might find this to be of interest: Clear as mud

Oct. 2
Prof. Don Fisher: A Primer on Appalachian Geology
The Colloquium paper

Oct. 9
Prof. Jesse Reimink:
An introduction to short-lived isotope geochemistry and why they are worth the effort
The Colloquium paper