Issues in Geosciences, GEOSC 500 Fall Term, 2019

Professors Chris Marone and Don Fisher
Department of Geosciences

This course is designed to provide incoming graduate students with a broad perspective on the field of Geosciences. Weekly meetings will include reading and discussing the literature, preparing for talks in the weekly department colloquia series, field work, proposal writing, and other activities. Our focus will be on the skills needed to engage effectively in scientific discourse, including critical thinking, cogent questioning and clear, well-reasoned oral and written communication. We will cover responsible and professional conduct in science.

Orientation field trip, Aug 2019
Meeting times:
T: 4 - 5 pm (Colloquium) 22 Deike Bldg.
W: 8 - 9:50 am (Class Meeting) 341 Deike Bldg.


Wed. classroom meetings:


Lecture files and reading

Research Proposal
    (Example proposals)
    Proposal Panel Instructions and Guidelines
    Panel assignments will be posted here

Scholarship and Research Integrity

SARI/RCR Information

Required on-line Training You must complete this training and submit the completion certificate (mailto: with subject line: CITI/SARI Certificate, my file is named correctly), as a pdf file, prior to the end of term.

Field Guide, 4-6 Oct 2019: A Transect Across the Acadian and Taconic Orogenic Zone: Berkshire Massif, MA to the Hudson Valley, NY

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