Geosc598A: Geomechanics Seminar

2 Credits, Fall 2017

Profs. C. Marone, D. Elsworth, D. Saffer, and S. Liu
Penn. State University

Time: Tuesday 10:30-12:30

Room is 157 Hosler unless noted below

This is a reading seminar focused on current and foundational research contributions in Geomechanics, including ongoing work by current students. Topics will include selections from: Fault mechanics, fluid flow, poromechanics, nano-porosity connectivity, shale geomechanics, rheology, time-dependence of deformation, reservoir geomechanics, geothermal energy production, friction laws, strain localization, stability conditions for deformation, slow earthquakes and the spectrum of tectonic fault slip behaviors.

Participants will read assigned material, participate in choosing topics, lead discussion, and present results from their ongoing research. To facilitate discussion all participants are required to read the papers and arrive prepared to lead a dicussion of them. Participants will volunteer and/or be selected at random to lead discussions.
Tim Witham

9/11, 541 Deike
Clay Wood

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